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Foam vs. Fiberglass

EZ flo foam

Not all insulation is created equal.

With today's available premium low expansion foam you might wonder why many window companies are still using the old loose fill fiberglass insulation to pack around your new replacement windows. Well the answer is easy! Mostly it's because they're uninformed, and maybe more so because of the cost.

Fiberglass was the industry standard for so many years and did a relatively good job as an insulator. However, it was never great at stopping drafts or preventing moisture from entering into the cavity around the window. Once moisture soaks into the fiberglass it is no longer a good insulator and the now soaked fiberglass will transfer that moisture to the interior finished wall which is a recipe for mold!

Foam on the other hand, will not absorb moisture. In fact it also will not allow any air movement at all which means, no more drafts! In years past the spray foams available to remodelers were not suited for around doors and windows. The expansion rate was too high meaning it would push on the window or door jambs and prevent proper operation. But now they have perfected the low expansion foam and there are formulas designed specifically for windows and doors. This is why some of the top manufacturer's have put foam use as a requirement in their installation instructions.

The difference is clear, which is why we have chosen foam as our insulation of choice and so should you. For more information on the specific brand we use click here.

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