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Observations and Experiences from Morris County, NJ Contractor

I'm just sitting and writing these freely with no editing and without really any sort of outline so let's see where it goes.

Did you know that roughly 78% of all single family homes built in Morris County are 25 years or older? According to wikipedia, the national average is somewhere around 50-60%. Taylor Rae has performed over 10,000 installations including windows, doors, siding, roofs and decks, over the past 11 years and I can tell you that I would have guessed that number to be more like 60%. But after I looked it up I did some thinking and realized that how rare it is that working in these old neighborhoods like Boonton and Mountain Lakes that we would find a house built in the past couple of decades. When a homeowner says "my house is so was built in 1968" my reaction is "That's not old!". If it has plywood on the roof instead of tongue and groove 1x6's....I would consider that modern around here. If the windows don't have weight pockets or the door doesn't have an old oak sill, it's modern to me. I have to say though I enjoy these old homes here in Morris County and enjoy and appreciate how they were built....most of the time anyway. Some of the most beautiful homes and styles I've found located in places like Boonton, Morristown, Chatham, Maplewood, Wharton, Summit and so on. We do plenty of work in Bergen county and there are many old neighborhood there as well. Not to mention places like Verona or Caldwell in Essex county or older farm houses we have worked on in Chester, Mendham and Long Valley.

Another interesting but unofficial fact is that I estimate that 85% of all my customers have a dog or cat. And I would give the edge to dogs with maybe 65% and cats maybe 20%. But cats and dogs are exactly even when it comes to biting each. And the cat's was far worse! And the cat was bigger if you could believe that!! I love animals but especially dogs and especially dogs that are big enough to not step on when I'm working. I've seen other animals too of course and I always tell my chinchilla story. You see I always measure every window when on a window estimate, even if there's 10 windows that look all the same....I check them anyway, just to be thorough. But there was this chinchilla in it's giant cage in front of the last window I had to check in a house I was in. There were 2 other windows in this room and they were the same size and the homeowner told me that the window behind the chinchilla cage was the same as those other two. Well I insisted on moving the cage or leaning it back so I could get my measuring tape behind it, the homeowner was adamant about it, they were all the same he said. Well I approached the cage anyway, thinking it was no big deal, and the chinchilla went bananas. He started jumping up and down like crazy, like a monkey. So I gave up and gave in. I ordered the windows and when they came in, yes of course the one behind the chinchilla was wrong by several inches on height. I was so upset, it was the only time I didn't double check a window and it was wrong! So now I tell the chinchilla story anytime there's obstacles in front of a window, it usually works.

I have many other observations and stories that I will save for another blog plost. Stories of divorces happening right in front of me, people choking and almost dying, daughters having temper tantrum's, an old person with Alzheimer's boxing me. It's fun out here. There are many more facts to share about the homes we work on also. Like some of the hazardous or inadequate building materials that were used over the years, or they myth of hazardous materials in some cases. One thing I have already written posts about and will continue to write about is the amount of rotten wood we find and how easy most of it would be to prevent. Simple home repairs or even just yearly house inspections from the exterior would do wonders for preventing most of what we find. We do offer home repairs and an amazing exterior inspection for very little money for anyone interested. It is a bargain in my opinion and if you are not going to get up on ladders or walk the roof, it's really a must to hire a pro to check for necessary home repairs. So many simple fixes to save so much money: clogged gutters, caulking, improper flashing, roof repairs, leaky windows and doors...etc. I'm always driving this point home because of what I've seen out in the field and how easy it is to prevent. But anyway, keep a look out for future posts. I told you I had no idea where this was going!

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